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        Florence works her mindful magic by Aesthetic Pruning 15 feet and under fruit and ornamental trees.   Aesthetic Pruning maintains the individual beauty and health of trees, as well as, the collective appearance and flow of the landscape.  Trained in the art and science of pruning, every pruning cut Florence makes is technically correct (and therefore healthy), as well as, considerate of maintaining and/or reinstating each tree’s natural grow habit and free-flowing structure, to bring out the beauty of each tree, and to maintain its health and productivity.

         The Mindful Pruner,

         Florence Schneider

About The Mindful Pruner......

        A professionally-trained Aesthetic Pruner, Florence Schneider, The Mindful Pruner, has been supporting trees and in being healthy, beautiful, and fruitful for 10 years now.  She aesthetically prunes trees mainly in Marin, West Marin, and Novato.  A Flowga teacher for 18 years, she brings conscientiousness, care, peace, and harmony to life in the landscape, creating beautiful, healthy, and fruitful trees and spaces for her clients to in-joy and be delighted by.   

Florence pruning an old fruit 

tree at SPAWN headquarters.

Photo: Arthur Comings

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        While randomly cutting back trees is popularly thought to be correct “pruning”, it is not.  There is a correct and an incorrect way to cut trees.  The correct way improves the health and beauty of the tree, while the incorrect way compromises the health and beauty of the tree.  In the case of fruit-bearing trees, correct pruning supports fruit production as well.

        Aesthetic Pruning a tree may or may not include a size reduction. If a size reduction is needed or desired, the reduction is done correctly, and therefore, in a healthy and beautiful way.

         Cuts made in wrong places on trees, do not heal, and thus cause die back and wasted energy, and are disease and boring insect entry points.  Cuts that are made in the correct places on trees, can and do heal, AND also are less or not noticeable at all, which means the result is more pleasing to the eye, hence the “Aesthetic” in Aesthetic Pruning.   (See AestheticPruning  for more information on Aesthetic Pruning for the Homeowner.)